Jonathan Hitchen

Book designer and Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art (UK)

Jonathan Hitchen is a book designer and senior lecturer in Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art. When he’s not teaching, or trying to persuade computers to make drawings, he works with The Modernist Society on their quarterly magazine. In 2017 he made work that examines the relationship between an audience and 3d glasses in Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories (Society of the Spectacles, HOME MCR). He’s currently working on projects with The Portico Library about Peter Mark Roget and the Jorge Luis Borges short story The Library of Babel.


Sam Meech

Digital artist and knitter, and lecturer in Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art (UK)

Sam Meech is a digital artist and knitter, and lecturer in Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art. He combines a background in digital arts with a practice in textiles to create knitted animations, textile data visualisations and encrypted knitwear. Working in partnership with textile industry producers, and also through open-access workshops, he has create commissions for FACT (Liverpool, UK), Quartier Des Spectacles (Montreal, CA), and the Open Data Institute (London, UK). His large-scale ‘Punchcard Economy’ knitted banner was shown at HKW in 2015 as part of Transmediale 2015.

Tricot-type (Alpha-knit)

From pixel to stitch – a hands-on knit-and-natter workshop combining the art and craft of textiles with typography. Using traditional punchcard techniques on domestic knitting machines, participants will work to design a unique letter-form in pixels, and manufacture it as a physical knitting pattern sample.

We will try to establish the restrictions and opportunities of the punchcard from a typographic perspective, and how to negotiate traditional typographic structures within a low resolution design space. Each participant will design a letterform that contributes to towards a a larger design, to be knitted as a fairisle banner which will then be exhibited within the conference.

Building on the tradition of self-publishing and pattern-sharing within the knitting community, the designs and workshops will be documented and compiled in the form of a pattern-zine.

 4 workshops for 6 people at a time to develop new letter forms for the punchcard knitting machine.

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