Workshop: The true cyrillic K?

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Friday, 22 May | 5:00 pm | Foyer | English

To be a true Russian, it is not necessary to have borsch for every lunch and pelmeni for every dinner. We just eat what we like. To design true Cyrillic, it is not necessary to draw the specific Cyrillic K. We just do it the way it should be.

Gayaneh is going to break the most common stereotype of Cyrillic — the intention to design “the true Cyrillic K”, which always gives foreigners away.

The participants may use font editors or sketch by hand.

Gayaneh  Bagdasaryan

Gayaneh Bagdasaryan

Type Designer (Moscow)

A graduate of Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Gayaneh Bagdasaryan has designed Cyrillic localizations for most major type libraries, including Linotype, Bitstream, The Font Bureau, ITC, Berthold, Typotheque, Emigre, and ParaType. She began her type design career at ParaType in 1996 and started her independent business with Brownfox in…

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