Workshop: Sketchnotes

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Thursday, 12 May | 3:00 pm | Foyer | German

Sketchnotes are visual notes that can help you keep track or understand what you’re hearing.  Unlike regular text notes, they can comprise a variety of elements – text, images, symbols, shapes and structures. Making sketchnotes is not about being able to draw well, it’s more about using simple means to visualise something quickly. Visualisation helps get content across, structuring it and heightening your concentration.

Workshop participants will get an introduction to the use of sketchnotes. We’ll show you some manual skills that will help you start creating your own sketchnotes.


•  Theoretical basics of sketchnotes: What are sketchnotes? Why use them?
•  Introduction to materials
•  Visual basics
•  Structure and organisation

Nadine Roßa

Nadine Roßa

Graphic Designer, Illustrator (Berlin)

Nadine Rossa is a designer and illustrator living in Berlin. She worked for many years for various agencies and start-ups in Germany and New York, and studied communications design in New York and Helsinki. She writes for Design made in Germany and founded the agency LAUNCH/CO. She is an enthusiastic…

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