(Workshop) If you don’t have a pen, you must scratch any way you can.

TYPO Labs 2016 Unlock the magic behind fonts | Thuesday, 10 May | 6:00 pm | Gamecenter

Computers use a pen to draw letters, too. The Pen object from the Python FontTools and RoboFab is a unique concept, which, once you get a grip on it, opens up a vast number of possibilites for your type design projects, from outline manipulation to error checking, from glyph effects to parametric design helpers, from serious to fun. I will introduce the Pen concept, show you how to work with Pens, and explain some examples from my daily work. Some prior Python knowledge is required.

Code examples and pdf: github.com/jenskutilek/TypoLabs2016

Jens Kutilek

Jens Kutilek

Font Designer, Font Technologist (Berlin)

Ever since Jens got his first computer in the late 80s, he has been interested in combining design with technology. Jens has a degree in Graphic Design from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, and has joined the FontFont Type Department in 2007, where he polishes and tweaks the fonts…

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