Workshop: On point – Intro to Blackletter Scripts

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Saturday, 23 May | 3:00 pm | Foyer | English

The workshop will provide an orientation on Gothic and Fraktur blackletter scripts, and introduce students to the basic orientations of pen and paper, spacing, flow and ornate capitals. Drury will also be sharing images from his personal collection of blackletter alphabets and making a brochure for print and download!

Drury Brennan

Drury Brennan

Calligrapher, Artist (Berlin)

Drury Brennan is an American artist who works and lives in Berlin. He makes calligraphy all over the city, writing on anything that will take a stroke: paper, people, windows, walls, workshops. This will be his 5th year participating in TYPO Berlin.

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