Martin Tiefenthaler

Wie glaubwürdig sind manche Characters?

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Friday, 22 May | 7:00 pm | Show | German

Both uppercase and lowercase letters are part of the de facto character set in our culture. But why is it exclusively latin and subsequent european writing systems that have two forms of each character? That peculiarity is virtually unheard of in the rest of the world and yet, astoundingly, our use of bicameral script is rarely questioned. This deconstruction of the phenomenon will tackle not trivialities such as orthography and readability, but rather issues such as religion, power politics and credibility.

Martin Tiefenthaler ©Robert Davis

Martin Tiefenthaler

Graphic Designer (Vienna)

Martin Tiefenthaler is a graphic designer and co-founder of  the tga (typographische gesellschaft austria). Since 1998 he has been teaching typography and semiotics at “die Graphische” in Vienna. He is also general manager at Atelier ID IID IIIDesign and and will just recently have completed his first typeface ocr-t. (Photo: Robert…

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