Norman Hathaway, Victor Moscoso

Victor Moscoso: Poster legend

TYPO San Francisco 2014 Rhythm | Thursday, 10 April | 6:00 pm | YBCA Theater

A detailed journey through the life of psychedelic poster artist and illustrator Victor Moscoso, tracing his early days in 1950s Brooklyn, to Yale and finally San Francisco, where he was a key figure in the creation of the psychedelic poster and the establishment of underground comix. Norman Hathaway will present Victor’s work and interview him about his conceptual approach to his work as well as his groundbreaking technical achievements.


Norman Hathaway

Norman Hathaway is an art director and design historian whose primary focus is underappreciated design personalities. He is the author of the acclaimed graphic-social history Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art, and Electrical Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art, co-authored with Dan Nadel. He has led creative initiatives for…

Victor Moscoso

Victor Moscoso is one of the premier artists of the psychedelic era. Raised in Brooklyn, he attended both Cooper Union and Yale (where he studied with Joseph Albers) before moving to San Francisco in the late 1950s. There he became a primary architect of the burgeoning underground hothouse that would…

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