Peter Constable, Rob McKaughan

Variable Fonts Update / Brainstorming Variable Fonts

TYPO Labs 2017 New Dimensions in Type Engineering | Friday, 07 April | 10:00 am | Cupola | English

Peter Constable will update everyone on the current plans and ideas for variable fonts in the OpenType specification (version 1.8.1 and beyond). He will also describe the latest features in Microsoft products, including demos.

Rob McKaughan will brainstorm uses for variable fonts beyond responsive typography.


Peter Constable

Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

Peter Constable is a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Graphics team at Microsoft, leading work on the DirectWrite text platform, font handling. He also maintains the OpenType specification, and led the cross-company collaboration to create the variable-font extensions to OpenType. In over 14 years at Microsoft, he has worked…

Rob McKaughan

Typographer in the Advanced Reading Technologies, Microsoft

Rob McKaughan has a great many interests (or a very short attention span): He has worked in software development and interaction design at Microsoft and at Amazon Web Services, studied typeface design at the University of Reading, made a documentary film about endurance bicycling, and along the way has consumed…

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