Gary Hustwit

Unframed: Storytelling in Virtual Reality

TYPO Berlin 2017 Wanderlust | Friday, 26 May | 11:00 am | Hall | English

How do you tell a story when the story is all around you? Virtual reality has generated a lot of hype recently, but it’s also opened up new ways for people to experience real stories. For the past 18 months, Gary Hustwit and his Scenic collective of documentary filmmakers have been exploring how to make non-fiction VR, through self-initiated experiments and collaborations with The Wall Street Journal, Google, and other partners. Hustwit will share some of their research, experiences, and work, and looks at the potential of this new medium, not to create alternative realities, but to better document our own.


Gary Hustwit

Filmmaker (New York)

Gary Hustwit is an independent filmmaker and photographer based in New York. He is the CEO and Creative Director of Scenic, a virtual reality content studio focusing on non-fiction VR. Gary has produced 13 feature documentaries, including the design trilogy of Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized. His films have been broadcast on HBO, PBS,…

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