Katrín Ólína

Types Mind

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Saturday, 14 May | 12:00 pm | Hall | English

Katrin Ólína’s latest project Primitiva, presents a language of shapes developed over the past two years at the Aalto Digital Design Laboratory and Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) in Helsinki. The project explores existential questions in the information age in a unique collection of 40 cast bronze talismans, and through

Ólína’s first publication titled Primitiva – Book of Talismans. In her presentation, titled Types of Mind, Katrin Olina takes the audience on a journey into the inner cosmos – the world of archetypes and back again.

Katrin Olina

Katrín Ólína

Designer (Reykjavik)

Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir (1967) is an Icelandic designer who works in a variety of media including illustration and product design. Possessed of a sensibility for the mysterious, Ólína’s work speaks in a language inspired by Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious, philosophy, symbolism, mythology, natural history and geometry. Her work…

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