Paul Barnes

Touching the past

TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch | Saturday, 18 May | 12:00 pm | Show | English

Most people get to an age when they become intrigued (and even obsessed) by the question; where did I come from? The same can be applied to letters; where do the forms we use actually come from? And how can they help us form our future? Paul Barnes went looking for his family in the graveyards of Cornwall, but ended up finding out a lot more about the letters of the past and how they inform our current letter forms. But he also found the ideas behind several of his typefaces; Dala Floda, Dala Moa and Chiswick.


Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes is a graphic designer specializing in the fields of lettering, typography, type design and publication design. He is a partner with Christian Schwartz in the internationally acclaimed typefoundry, Commercial Type. In the early 1990s he worked for Roger Black in New York where he was involved in redesigns…

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