Ludovic Balland

The Modern Man Thinks in Contrasts

TYPO San Francisco 2013 Contrast | Friday, 12 April | 10:00 am | Forum Building

This lecture will confront some typographic works with their surroundings. Typography in use needs to be in relation to it’s context, it needs to make a contrast and to affect the urban landscape, in order to stay visible and to be remembered.

“Thinking in terms of contrasts is not a confused way of thinking”


Ludovic Balland

Ludovic Balland specializes in typography, typesetting and conceiving book projects. He studied visual communication at the University of Art and Design in Basel and trained at Dalton & Maag in London. In 2002 he founded the studio The Remingtons in Basel, focusing on typography and typesetting techniques. In 2006 he…

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