Thomas Michelbach (Strichpunkt), Jochen Rädeker (Strichpunkt)

The interface becomes the brand. Digitale Komponenten im neuen Audi CD.

TYPO Berlin 2017 Wanderlust | Friday, 26 May | 4:00 pm | Show | German

Brand Talks

Thomas Michelbach

Thomas Michelbach (Strichpunkt)

Head of Development / Strichpunkt Design (Stuttgart)

Thomas Michelbach has been the head of development for the Strichpunkt design agency since May of 2015. The firm, with offices in Stuttgart and Berlin, is among Germany’s largest design agencies. It has won numerous awards and his held a spot in the top ten creative ventures in Germany for…
Jochen Rädeker

Jochen Rädeker (Strichpunkt)

Co-Founder & Managing Partner Strichpunkt (Stuttgart)

Jochen Rädeker is co-founder and managing partner of the design agency Strichpunkt, headquartered in Stuttgart and Berlin. As one of the largest design offices in Germany, Strichpunkt has held its own as one of the most awarded design studios, placing consistently amongst the top 10 creative rankings for over a…

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