Kelli Anderson

The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things

TYPO San Francisco 2013 Contrast | Friday, 12 April | 3:00 pm | Lam Research Theater

The things that we see day-in/day-out gradually become invisible to us. Because of their assumed predictability—their form, capabilities, and roles are easily taken for granted. However, the familiar face of a thing often belies the complexity of its underlying material (or digital) conditions.

I feel that this state of complacency offers an irresistible opportunity to “hack” these experiences and figure out what surreal and awesome things they can do. As a designer, I try to better understand how things work in order to find ways to demonstrate the surprising capabilities in the world hiding in plain sight.


Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is an artist, designer, and tinkerer who pushes the limits of ordinary materials and formats by seeking out hidden possibility in the physical and digital world. She is best known for making a paper record player, among other improbable design contraptions. She lives in Brooklyn with her other…

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