Medieval detail in contemporary display typography

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Saturday, 23 May | 3:00 pm | Type Lab | English

Eike Dingler’s Pattern Project is a family of ornamental display typefaces inspired by the incredible richness of detail in medieval initials, transforming it into a contemporary form. The Pattern Project also includes an app allowing users to create their own patterns and generate simple fonts.

This presentation covers programming typefaces (as an alternative to drawing them), the interplay of design and programming, working on sideline projects (and how they get out of hand) during longer dry spells, the complexity of a generative type family, and the beauty of hand-drawn things. The talk is richly illustrated – with patterns, letters, and pattern letters.

Eike DIngler

Eike Dingler

Graphic and display type designer (Berlin)

Eike Dingler studied type media in The Hague in 2007, where he began experimenting with programming for type design. While working on the projects of his own graphic design studio in Berlin, he began developing the Pattern Project. With the completion of the type family in 2014, he took the…

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