Building (typeface) character

TYPO Berlin 2015 Character | Thursday, 21 May | 7:00 pm | Stage | German

Why are Didone typefaces reserved for fashion; why is Helvetica considered neutral, and why do we believe what’s written in serif fonts more than sans-serif ones? This presentation will explore the factors that give a typeface its particular expression. Are you clever? Are you pretty? Are you funny?

Those characteristics can be used systematically to express certain things when developing corporate fonts. From the outer proportions to the smallest details, fine nuances determine the character of every actor in an alphabet.

Supertype: Martin Wenzel, Jürgen Huber


Type Designers (Berlin)

Prof. Jürgen Huber and Martin Wenzel are seasoned multiple award-winning type designers who together make up the custom type partnership They are best known for their typefaces for the German federal government, and the latest family of fonts for the European electronics retailer Media Markt. They both studied communication design, and design…

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