John Hudson

Responsible Designer: evolving design education

TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain | Saturday, 19 May | 3:00 pm | TYPO Hall | English

Embedding sustainability into design education will enable the next generation of graphic designers and thinkers to practice more responsibly within their chosen discipline. But how do we engage students with the complex issues surrounding sustainability? John Hudson’s presentation will discuss some of the issues and present examples of best practice. It will be showcasing ‘Responsible Designer’ a smartphone/tablet application and studio system, which enables users to take a more responsible approach to decision making within the design process.


John Hudson

Type Designer & Co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd. (Gabriola BC)

John Hudson designs typefaces and makes fonts. As co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd., a digital foundry specialising in custom font solutions for multilingual publishing and computing, he has been responsible for or has collaborated on type designs for Arabic, Bengali, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Greek, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Latin, Odia, Sinhala, Telugu,…

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