REED. RIED. READ! How typographical details can help dyslexics read

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Saturday, 19 May | 4:00 pm | Stage | German

Which fonts are particularly easy for dyslexics to recognize? Are the special typefaces, the dyslexia fonts, really helpful? In the autumn of 2016, Andresen designed a study with dyslexics, using an online survey and a live reading test, to research whether standard or dyslexia fonts were easier for them to read. The reading test was conducted using a procedure developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, focussed on recognizing words onscreen in the shortest possible time. In this presentation, Bettina Andresen will talk about the results of the tests and discuss how to use simple typographical settings to make GUIs more readable for dyslexics.


Bettina Andresen

Designer (Germany)

Bettina Andresen (b. 1986) studied communications design with a focus on typography at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, graduating in 2013. In addition to her main interest, book design, she is also enthusiastic about psychology and neuroscience. That is why she explored the issue of typefaces for dyslexics while…

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