Panel Discussion with Karsten Henze, Prof. Dr. Holger Rogall, Alexander Körner, Victoria Ringleb

TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain | Friday, 18 May | 1:30 pm | TYPO Stage | German

Meet AGD on TYPOstage for a Panel Discussion on 18 May at 1:30 pm. Karsten Henze (Head of CI/CD and Kreation DB Mobility Logistics AG), Prof. Dr. Holger Rogall (GF Netzwerk Ökonomische Nachhaltigkeit) and Alexander Körner (lemon5, Expert in Referral Marketing for Web 2.0) will talk about »Sustainable Customer Relations – A Factor of Success: (How) Does it Work?«. AGD Executive Manager Victoria Ringleb will launch the debate. She claims: »With sustainable customer relations you can earn more money in the long run than with permanently changing ones. Sustainable CRM helps you achieve this goal.«

Counselling at the AGD booth:

  • 17 May: Sustainable management: Questions and answers, tips and tricks for designers (and future designers)
  • 19 May: Ecologically sustainable design – With AGD sustainability expert Christhard Landgraf


With its membership of 3,000 freelance designers, AGD, the Alliance of German Designers, is one of the biggest professional associations of designers in Europe. AGD cooperates with politicians, the business world, chambers and federations. Its core themes are copyright issues, fair payment, and social, economic and ecological sustainability. AGD designers…

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