Jean-Baptiste Levée

A designer perspective on OpenType Font Variations—chances and risks

TYPO Labs 2017 New Dimensions in Type Engineering | Friday, 07 April | 11:00 am | Cupola

A welcomed news across the type world, the introduction of variable fonts naturally brings its contigent of new potentials, questions, and doubts for type designers. Jean-Baptiste Levée will explore some of the possibilities that could be exciting for the designer and beneficial to the user, while proposing some thoughts on the ways to promote, price and license the new format.


Jean-Baptiste Levée


Jean-Baptiste Levée works methodically in a process where history and technology are approached altogether within the nuances of artistry. He manufactures functional, yet versatile digital platforms for designers to build upon. Levée has designed over a hundred typefaces for industry, moving pictures, fashion and publishing. His work has won multiple…

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