New life for a forgotten typeface. Tactile alphabet in education of blind.

TYPO Berlin 2017 Wanderlust | Thursday, 25 May | 6:00 pm | Stage | English

The starting point for the research was Wilhelm Klein’s typeface, designed more than 200 years ago for people with visual loss or impairment. It was based on the idea of relief lettershapes and later it was substituted by Braille which is more effective in terms of speed or reading, for example. However Klein’s typeface can still be very useful for education purposes. The goal of the revival project is to produce a system of digital fonts and test it: according to the needs of users, to reading by touch and to the possibilities of reproducing techniques.

Viktoriya Grabowska

Viktoriya Grabowska

Type Designer (Poznań)

Viktoriya Grabowska is an Ukrainian-born Polish-based independent type designer. She dedicates herself to different projects that range from type design and research. Her typefaces often cover Latin and Cyrillic. She also works with other designers and type foundries, such as Cornel Windlin Studio, Lineto, Darden Studio, Studio Norm (Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs),…

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