Lars Müller

Das Buch – Nachhaltig “avant la lettre”.

TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain | Thursday, 17 May | 8:00 pm | TYPO Hall | German

Being the memory of thoughts and knowledge, the book is in and of itself sustainable. Together with its content, its design bears witness to its times. Designers are creators of sustainability, and accomplices of the zeitgeist. Will there be a happy end?


Lars Müller

His early years as a designer were seminally influenced by his close friendship with the constructivist artist Richard Paul Lohse and the graphic designer Josef Müller-Brockmann. This has led to Müllerʼs long-standing preference for straightforward, functional design. Since 1996, Müller has been a partner of »Integral Concept«, an interdisciplinary design…

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