Lasse Fister, Peter Sikking

Metapolator, present + future

TYPO Labs 2016 Unlock the magic behind fonts | Thuesday, 10 May | 4:00 pm | Factory

This is meant to be a presentation and a conversation. First, Peter Sikking presents and discusses Metapolator from a product, users and interaction design point of view. This includes: the vision that the Metapolator project has for future type design workflows and practice; demystifying parametric type design; how the future of type design could be a lot like the past. This is followed by a Q+A section. Peter has questions for the audience concerning the topics just presented. Surely the audience has questions for Peter & Lasse.

In the final part, Lasse Fister introduces the technology underpinning Metapolator: Atem. This builds a bridge to the Metapolator classroom session that will take part the next day.


Lasse Fister

Software Engineer, (Fürth)

Lasse is the lead developer of Metapolator, ufoJS and Atem. At the moment he’s freelancing as a font-engineer for various projects with Google; before that, he did a lot of full-stack web development. He’s into type, creative thinking, programming and has a keen interest in using and making Free/Libre Open…
Peter Sikking

Peter Sikking

Interaction Architect (Berlin)

Peter Sikking is an experienced interaction architect. He unabashedly puts shipping great products at the centre of his design practice. He is known for his work for Google, Nokia, the Metapolator & GIMP open source projects, and startups. Peter designs interaction for creatives. With deep insight into how these masters…

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