Martha Kelly Schumann

Kindness Doesn’t Scale (or, lies an Engineer told me)

TYPO San Francisco 2014 Rhythm | Thursday, 10 April | 3:00 pm | Screening Room

Once at a programming conference I told a fellow engineer about a side project I built to aggregate random acts of kindness for people being harassed online. I told him how I believe more people need this kind of support and I want to figure out a way to make it scale. He looked at me incredulously and said, “But, kindness doesn’t scale …”

So, I thought about what that engineer said for a long time.

The culmination of those thoughts is the material in this talk. My presentation will make parallels between distributed systems (think, the *internet*) and how groups of people interact and influence each other, and how yes, kindness can and does scale.


Martha Kelly Schumann

Martha Kelly Schumann is a self-taught Software Engineer who writes rad software at Uber. She began her career as an artist and has her BFA in Art/Design from Auburn University. During the summer of 2012 a twist of fate brought Martha to Hacker School in NYC where she fell head-over-heels…

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