Workshop: Ligatures

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Friday, 13 May | 1:00 pm | Nest | English

Some say that ligatures are overrated and unnecessary, this workshop will prove those people wrong. :) Ligatures, as well as alternate characters/glyphs have never been more popular. With all the efforts for better Open Type Features controls, it is just a question of time, when the ligatures will become a must have. Their design will give a special touch to your typeface – a glimmer of uniqueness. Designing them requires a sharp eye, pinch of creativity and will provide you a lot of fun.

The workshop will go through the history of ligature development covering uppercase/lowercase and logic behind their design. Using paper and pen, laptop, we will design a few basic ligatures that will be coded in the font.

Marko Jovanovac

Marko Jovanovac

Graphic Designer (Osijek)

Born in Osijek, Croatia. Graduated from School of Design at University of Zagreb. In 2010 founded Marivo, Creative Dept. design studio focused on graphic design, typography & illustration. In summer of 2014 attended Type@Cooper summer condensed program in New York and earned a typeface design diploma from Cooper Union under…

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