Type & Tech — keep the kerning tight

TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS | Saturday, 17 May | 4:00 pm | Stage | German

Letters Are My Friends is a typographic concept store cum design lab & a physical show room dedicated to the combination of applied type and new technology. Based in Berlin since 2011, it has produced innovative development studies in the fields of design, animation, film, art, computer sciences, interaction, and information architecture. “Where type meets new Technology”.

Letters Are My Friends understand typography as the smallest common denominator for the numerous design directions in which they move and which they use as the basis for their interdisciplinary concept & technologized creative work. Interaction & space make a triad of this. The “Type & Tech” interface is special enough, but also open enough, to locate everything that is possible – and impossible. They are not only into the perfect A or B, but are seeking to find the connection between the two, that which lies between them. It’s about the dialogue. The translation. The methodology.

Bärbel Bold

Bärbel Bold

Bärbel Bold's heart is rooted in experimental lettering type illustration & grafic design. She has profound experience in the field of Type’n'Motion as a director and motion designer. Additionally of Letters Are My Friends’ type & tech topics she's running her own production & motiondesign studio NINDUSTRICT and is teaching.…

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