Gerry Leonidas

Who needs another German designer?

TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch | Saturday, 18 May | 11:00 am | Show | English

This is one of the first questions Gerry asks aspiring typeface designers, and is usually met with the sound of jaws hitting the floor. Yet typeface design is the most obvious area where design is losing any regional identity it had (such as it was). In the process, it confronts us with questions about typography, and our roles in design. It also makes things really exciting.


Gerry Leonidas

Gerry Leonidas teaches and researches typography and typeface design at the University of Reading, UK. He supervises MA and PhD research, and lectures widely. He consults on publication and typeface design, reviews bodies of work, and runs knowledge transfer projects with a twin focus on global business development, and new…

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