Sci-Fi-Type Roots

TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS | Saturday, 17 May | 3:00 pm | Show | German

Type is an old but powerful technology. We know a bit about its past. But: What does the type of the future look like? Alessio Leonardi will invite us to join him on a journey through time. Let’s travel by hitchhiker into the orbit, to places, where no man or woman has ever been. Let’s try and find the answer!

Alessio Leonardi

Alessio Leonardi

Alessio Leonardi is a designer and font designer. His typefaces are marketed by FontShop, Linotype and his own company He designed the BMF Change font family for the city of Berlin, and works indefatigably on ginormous projects that he plans to finish in this lifetime, such as the largest…

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