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TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Friday, 18 May | 4:00 pm | Stage | German

What exactly does a UX designer do all day? How do you break in to corporate design? And what are the job prospects in the virtual reality design sector? We provide perspective, and talk with creatives about the fields they work in, the challenges, and the outlook. No blah blah, no buzzwords, no whitewashing – just hands-on information, personal stories, and real insight!


UX Design: Jasmin Fayad, UX Designer, Aperto

Information design: Jan Schwochow, Founder and Managing Director, Infographics Group

Service Design: Silke Junker-Mirshahi, Executive Director Facilitation & Organisational Enablement, SinnerSchrader


Laura Reinke

Copy editor, PAGE (Germany)

PAGE editor Laura Reinke studied at the AMD Akademie für Mode & Design, and interned at the Bauer Media Group in Hamburg. Following her training there, she helped develop a new food magazine. After a brief stint at agencies, she now reports at PAGE on the most exciting new developments…

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