Jeremy Liu

What’s Bitterness Got To Do With It?

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Friday, 01 May | 10:00 am | Screening Room | English

Bitterness is the defining emotion of the human experience. It is at once intensely personal and universally experienced. It traces its origins to love, possessions, hope, opportunity, and status — lost. It has likely caused or contributed to more violence, failures of states, and squandered potential than any other emotion. Meanwhile, bitterness, the flavor, is something both reviled and refined, and humans are the only mammals who have cultivated a palate for bitterness.

Bitterness is also a very real outcome of poorly designed products, places, processes and experiences. But as a country, we’re not very good at dealing with bitterness. The National Bitter Melon Council explores the manifestations of bitterness and, through social interventions we create approaches to understanding and, hopefully, addressing its effects.


Jeremy Liu

Principal / Managing Partner (Oakland, California)

Jeremy Liu is a practicing artist, real estate developer with experience in completing complex public-private projects, and chief executive with a unique background in urban, community and environmental planning, affordable and mixed-income housing, commercial real estate, creative placemaking/arts and cultural planning, and technology development. As an artist, he has received…

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