Jeff Wu

Implementation of Chinese Fonts for Responsive Design

TYPO Labs 2017 New Dimensions in Type Engineering | Saturday, 08 April | 12:00 pm | Cupola | English

Responsive web design has become the mainstream nowadays and good things can come from systems’ awareness of environmental variables. Systems which can respond intelligently might be able to deliver results, exceeding expectations. This presentation is to discuss how to design and implement Chinese fonts to conform to this inevitable trend.

The responsive font design has to take into account a number of display environmental variables such as ambient light, foreground/background color contrast, text size, etc… However, Chinese fonts come with far more complex shapes and structures compared with Latin fonts. How to perfectly establish a whole set of three-dimensional responsive Chinese characters is not an easy work. This lecture will share some successful experience.

Apparently, the responsive font design can react to environmental variables accordingly, provide a more comfortable UI and optimize users’ reading experience. One more thing, the unprecedented spec – OpenType 1.8 was released last year. I will go into the details about how to convert Chinese fonts into OpenType variable fonts and further illustrate new opportunities waiting for us all.


Jeff Wu

General Manager, Arphic Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, Republic of China)

Jeff Wu is the General Manager of Arphic Technology. He has led Arphic R&D Division for more than 26 years. His specialties are development of font technology and products. Also, he is familiar with font design and application in versatile devices. He received his B.S and M.S degrees in computer science…

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