Hacking variable fonts in TTX and Python + fontTools -> PLENAARSAAL | NEUE MÄLZEREI

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Saturday, 14 April | 3:00 pm | Workshop | English

In the workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of variable fonts, by:
* decompiling and inspecting variable fonts with TTX

* creating variable fonts with TTX

* making variable fonts with Python and the fontTools library
We will look at techniques to make variable fonts as small as possible, making fonts for animation, and other variable fonts beyond the capabilities of the GUI tools (Glyphs, Robofont/Batch, FontLab VI) and fontmake. You’ll leave with the ability to create your own tools to create and manipulate variable fonts, overcoming the limitations of current tools.

It is recommended that: you bring some fonts to play with; you have already made a variable font using existing methods; you are familiar with TTX; and you know at least a little Python.


Laurence Penney

Principal, LORP.ORG (Bristol, UK)

Laurence Penney is a consultant in font technology based in Bristol, UK. Focussed on dynamic type tech, he specialized in TrueType: coding rasterizers, hinting fonts, and training others how to hint fonts. He later took on the challenge of creating MyFonts, the open platform selling fonts from all foundries, part…

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