New typography for the Holy Scripture

TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS | Friday, 16 May | 6:00 pm | Stage | German

Since 2009, this large project has seen the Bielefeld Institute for Book Design engaged in designing the 73 books and letters of the Bible on the basis of a new exegetic-literary analysis and in a way that is appropriate to their content and – also a vital aspect – in a way that is reader-friendly.

Around 60 (mostly student) designers have been working since 2009 on the undogmatic presentation of the biblical writings, which – unlike most of today’s Bible editions – does justice to the spiritual and cultural as well as the narrative and emotional dimensions of the text.

At TYPO 2014, the project manager Prof. Dirk Fütterer and the two student employees Clarissa Becker and Arne Vogt will be presenting this mammoth project titled »Bielefeld Bible« in more detail and will be explaining why the project is still not finished and why it could fast become a task for life.

Fütterer, Becker, Vogt

Institute of Book Design

The Institut für Buchgestaltung (Institute of Book Design, IFB) was established at the Faculty for Design at the Technical College FH in 2006. Its activities focus on the research and promotion of books, book design, and on inter-disciplinary cooperation and joint ventures with publishers, enterprises, institutions, academies and universities. The…

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