(Workshop) Don’t fall into the Cyrillic pit

TYPO Labs 2016 Unlock the magic behind fonts | Wednesday, 11 May | 10:00 am | Gamecenter

A short introduction to the history and contemporary use of the Cyrillic script. The course includes a set of exercises specially devised for “Latin-based” type designers wishing to avoid typical Western mistakes when designing their Cyrillic character sets.


Julia Sysmäläinen

Designer and philologist  (Berlin)

Julia Sysmäläinen has Finnish and Russian roots. She is an experienced corporate and type designer and has worked as a design director in Erik Spiekermann’s agencies for over a decade. Since 2008 she also runs Juliasys Studio in Berlin, specialising on branding, custom type design and information architecture. Juliasys has done projects for Freshbooks Toronto, Monotype Bad…

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