Süpergrüp, Corinna Sy

Eine Zukunft bauen

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Friday, 13 May | 12:00 pm | Show | German

The presentation will introduce the pilot project CUCULA – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design.

CUCULA profiles itself as a space for potential, an experimental model, a platform for intercultural exchange, an educational programme, a manufactory and much more. The project began in early 2014 as a visual sketch for a utopia, aimed at researching new paths and recommended solutions for refugee policies.  The Berlin-based project has since developed into a functioning operation that manufactures designer furniture from designs by Enzo Mari. The production centre opens up a tangible outlook for refugees, allowing them to secure residency and finance their own training.



Designers (Germany)

We are Süpergrüp. Together we are going to undertake design and art projects. Süpergrüp is a label, an attitude and a laboratory. Süpergrüp is the quirky question and the odd answer. Süpergrüp is cockiness, beauty and toughness. Süpergrüp is art, culture and collective. Süpergrüp is Mirko Borsche, Johannes Erler, Lars…
Corinna Sy

Corinna Sy

Designer (Berlin)

Corinna Sy is a freelance designer living and working in Berlin, and one of the founders of the non-profit CUCULA e.V. She got her degree from Cologne’s International School of Design in 2009 and began working in trend research, product design and concept, and consulting for the automotive sector. Her…

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