Simon Manchipp

Branding, not Blanding

TYPO London 2012 Social | Friday, 19 October | 4:00 pm | Logan Hall

Has the flattering serpent of social networking changed our approach to creating Branding for businesses? Is Design as we knew it dead? And what is this BrandWorld thing? How do you actually get good design work through these days?
Why not just create a nice logo, get paid and be done with this rebrand business? Logo’s have been fine for years… why change? What helps creates monopolies for products, services and organisations? Who are David Law & Gary Holt? I will attempt to confuse you further in my 45 minutes onstage.


Simon Manchipp

Simon‘s SomeOne has been behind the recent Royal Opera House rebrand, the re-grouping of the National Maritime Museum (the largest in the world), the Royal Observatory (The Home of Time) and the Queen’s House (The birthplace of British architectural classicism) as Royal Museums Greenwich, the rebrand of the progressive high…

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