Gerhard Pfau

IBM Design: How IBM Builds a Design-driven Culture – At Scale

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Friday, 13 May | 3:00 pm | Hall | English

IBM is a company that reacts on trends in the market and in society, regularly re-inventing itself. This talk describes how demographic changes introduced by millennials and the shift towards mobile devices and cloud-based software re-emphasize the importance of user experience. Human beings and the experience they have when interacting with IBM as a company and with the products and services we are providing becomes a major topic for us.

IBM’s focus on user experience leads to a transformation that puts design into the center of our efforts. Thinking like a designer allows us to develop empathy for the people we are interacting with – clients, partners, end users, colleagues – and come to better, more user-focused results. The goal of IBM Design is to establish a sustainable culture of design at IBM. During our talk we are describing the core elements of our approach and we show where the change initiated by IBM Design materializes already today.

Gerhard Pfau

Gerhard Pfau

Design Lead, IBM (Boeblingen)

Gerhard Pfau is a Designer, Design Thinker, and a Member of the IBM Academy. As Lead Europe, IBM Design Education and Activation Gerhard works with IBM teams and with clients to help them understand, experience and leverage IBM Design Thinking to create innovative solutions with outstanding user experience. Gerhard has…

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