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Visual Editions

Anna Gerber & Britt Iversen (Visual Editions)

Why is there such a large divide between text-driven literary books on the one hand and picture-driven art and design books on the other? Why does this divide seems so extreme, when most of us compute visuals in our everyday more than ever before? Visual Editions believe that this visual everydayness adds to the way we read, to the way we experience what we read and the way we absorb and understand the way stories are told: through words and pictures.

Visual Editions, nicknamed VE, is a London-based book publisher, started in early 2009 by Anna and Britt. The idea for VE comes from their joint love of books and a (mischievous) desire to do things differently, so that everything VE do translates into a new experience for their readers, and for all the writers and designers they work with and making sure VE turn all that love and mischief into beautifully, lovingly, wonderfully written and crafted books.

How to make books talk? Anna and Britt will tell us at TYPO London.

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