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Tom Rickner

Tom Rickner

Director of Studio at Monotype (Madison)

Tom Rickner’s career in type spans 3 decades. During that time he has mastered nearly every aspect of type design and font production, from his earliest days editing bitmaps, to designing some of the very first Multiple Master fonts for Adobe and TrueType GX Variations fonts for the Font Bureau and Apple. Although he is likely most well known for his hinting of Matthew Carter’s Georgia, Verdana, Tahoma and Nina typefaces for Microsoft, Tom’s real expertise is found at the intersection of design, tools and technology related to fonts. He is currently the Director of the Monotype Studio, which designs custom type for a diverse range of clients, as well as for the renowned Monotype library. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin, the only city in the world built on an isthmus, and also home of the famed Wienermobile.

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