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Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz

Departement of Graphic Design / Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz (Lodz)

Lodz, a city that expanded during the industrial revolution, is located in the center of Poland. It is a center of avant-garde traditions that had a significant impact on the development of graphic design in Poland. Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz continues the tradition of avant-garde of the XX century established by Wladyslaw Strzeminski, Katarzyna Kobro, Henryk Stażewski, Karol Hiller and Henryk Berlewi. The presence of Strzeminski and Kobro in Lodz of the 30’s accumulated the dialogue of avant-garde environment with the rest of Europe creating the base for the future modern college of art. The form and the function dictated the direction of the educational and artistic development.

The new media reality requires a professional preparation of the students in the domain of the architecture of information, designing printed and digital materials and creating a functional interface. Despite the obvious changes due to common use of new media, the educational mission of Department of Graphic design remain unchanged – it aims to prepare the students to consciously and rationally cope with widely understood design problems. They are defined by the conditions and references to the contemporary language of the art of design and its function. Through our educational programs and methods, created with the attention to all detail, we face the needs of the surrounding environment and society. The educational content is divided among separate subjects: Editorial Graphic Design, Poster Design, Visual Identity Design, Multimedia Graphic Design, Spatial and Poster Design, Font and Lettering Design studios. The programs structure and the technological supply base as well as the educational experience find their confirmation in high assessment of the skills and artistic level of the graduates that are hired in many renowned design studios and advertising agencies in Poland and abroad.

Speakers: Prof. Sławomir Kosmynka (Head of the Department of Graphic Design), Prof. Piotr Karczewski, Aleksandra Talacha, Mariusz Andryszczyk

The presentation will be accompanied by the exhibition of the chosen realizations of the Department of Graphic Design Studios.

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