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Rita Braz

Rita Braz

Photographer & Art Director (Berlin)

Born and raised in Lisbon, Rita Braz is based in Berlin since 2010 where she works as a photographer and art director. Currently working in fashion after 5 years in advertising, Rita works to create images and tell stories, concept campaigns and design graphics that communicate the language of each brand.
Southern at heart, addicted to coffee, constantly inspired by diversity, Rita is passionate about working on personal projects and started her own brand Q Revolt in between jobs, while on a trip to Sarajevo in 2013. The project was financed via Kickstarter and the pictures were taken since 2013 until 2017, in Berlin, Hamburg, Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam, Vienna, New York City and Stockholm. What in the beginning started as a rebel to change the stereotype, turned into wanting to empower women. “You can’t be what you can’t see” – Q Revolt aims to trigger women to explore themselves and their sexuality with no boundaries, inspired by the diversity of the portraits and stories of 100 other women.

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