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Ralph du Carrois

Ralph du Carrois

Type Designer (Berlin)

Born 1975 February 3rd, Füssen/Allgäu.

Three children, married, 179 cm, 79 kg, myopia and light dyschromatopsia (red/green).

He studied product design at HfG Karlsruhe and graduated with his first commercial typeface PTL Maurea.

Since 2004 Ralph du Carrois and his team work in their studio in Berlin. They are focussing on large type design projects, language extension and the development of corporate typefaces. The corporate type for Suzuki was one of his early projects. Since then Ralph du Carrois has designed typefaces for TYPO3, the emblem for the City of Rome, an exclusive typeface for the Neue National Galerie, an icon set for the Museo the Art de Ponce, the new logo type for the fashion label Roeckl and many more.

In cooperation with Erik Spiekermann Carrois’ realized projects for Cisco or the German television broadcasting ZDF. Another result of this collaboration are typefaces like TERN (used for the new Austrian traffic signs), Fira (an open source type family for Mozilla) and FF Real, a new super family released by FontShop in summer 2015.

Currently Ralph du Carrois and his team work on their own new designs and smart plugins for the type editor Glyphs.

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