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Michal Sahar

Michal Sahar

Type Designer (Tel Aviv)

Michal Sahar is a Tel Aviv based type designer, graphic designer and a senior lecturer at The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, from which she has graduated in 1996.

She founded her independent design studio in 2001, working in the fields of arts and culture and focusing on branding and editorial design.

In 2002 she founded HaGilda type foundry with co-founder Danny Meirav. They each bring a unique perspective on type design — old Hebrew lettering revivals and contemporary Hebrew and bi-lingual (Hebrew-Latin) text typefaces. Michal and Hagilda have won various professional awards since 2004; her latest collaboration with Peter Bilak (Typoteque) won her the Granshan Type Design Award in the Hebrew Category.

For the last year Michal has been collaborating with Google in developing new open source Hebrew-Latin typefaces. In addition, she has developed the new visual identity for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, for which she has been head designer for the last three years.

She enjoys creating typefaces between 2-4 AM, Rocks out smashing air-drum solos, and always brings her A-game to the table-tennis court.

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