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Ksti Hu

Ksti Hu

Graphic Designer (Berlin)

Kristina Huber (aka Ksti Hu) was born in the deep North of Russia. She now lives in the Internet, while working & studying between Frankfurt and Berlin. 2015, she finished her bachelor studies in fashion though being a full time graphic designer. In 2013 she reconstructed K. Malevich’s drafted and not survived costumes of the Opra “Victory Over The Sun” as a collection for the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Her following developed fashion collection was fully based on those previous works and has won several prices.

Ksti Hu’s work is as versatile as it is upfront while always pushing the envelope of different fields and media. Over the years, she has been putting several performances, exhibitions and lectures into practice — from graphic design, to politics & fashion — collaborating with different people all over the world.

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