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The German, Berlin and Halle (Saale) based artist and design collective KLUB7 has been creating murals, customizations and illustrations throughout the world for more than a decade. Together they have developed a collective trademark style that combines the diverse backgrounds of the six members; graphically abstracting urban art, Pop Art, Comic and other elements of pop culture on paper, wood, fabric and walls.

KLUB7 originated from knowing each other in the graffiti-scene in Halle (Saale), Germany in the mid 90s and was founded in 1998. When some of the members moved to Berlin and opened a studio in Friedrichshain in 2009, their presence in the urban art metropolis was cemented.

Clients like BMW, Google, Converse, Edding and New Yorker are crazy about their »Berlin Flavour« – the classic graffiti writing that constitutes the basis of the diverse techniques and materials in their portfolio. KLUB7 as an enterprise is not only the livelihood of the six members, but above all an artistic laboratory, wherein everything revolves around doing and experimenting.

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