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King Bansah

King Bansah

A young boy grew up in a small village in Ghana who liked to work on cars and dreamed of owning his own company. His name was Céphas Bansah. His grandfather, the king of Hohoe Ghana, helped him fulfil that dream and sent him to Ludwigshafen in Germany, where he soon earned two master craftsman trade licenses and has, for the last 30 years, owned and operated an auto repair shop. Céphas Bansah started a family and lived a content and happy life until a fax from Ghana changed his simple existence forever. His grandfather had died and the tribal elders had chosen him as the new king.

Bansah took on the office of king as his new life’s work. He quickly recognised that the only way to help his people improve their lives was to realise aid projects in Ghana with effective media exposure. The result was bridges, schools, clinics and much more.

King Bansah is a monarch who wears his office with dignity. But he has no problem appearing on television in entertainment shows. He is a quick-witted, spirited, funny king who captures the hearts of an audience with his distinctive charm – all in the service of improving the lot of his people in Ghana.

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