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Josh Damon Williams

Josh Damon Williams is a director at Hot Studio where he works with clients to make cool things. As a local leader for IxDA in San Francisco, he brings some of the best thinkers in interaction design to the design community in order to talk about cool things. Since later parts of the 20th century he’s helped shape visions, lead designs, and guide implementation for a wide variety of digital products for companies like LeapFrog, Hotwire.com, eBay.com, Cisco, Warner Music Group, Architecture for Humanity, and most recently Facebook.

Josh studied film in Los Angeles, worked for slave wages in film development and production, but mostly worked in animation (supervising digital composition for bad Saturday morning cartoons). His most indulgent endeavor was completing an MFA in creative writing at USF. When he’s not designing, he can sometimes be found DJing under the alias 8Ball in local night clubs, Burning Man, and bigger events like Outside Lands.

Josh is speaking during the Contrast Sessions.

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