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Jakob Maser

Graphic Designer (Münster)

Jakob Maser began racking up a wide range of professional experience even while still at university, with internships at a publishing house and a large ad agency, as well as by working for design offices and other companies. After completing his degree, he was a freelance communications designer and later co-owner of a design company specialising in online communication. He is currently a consultant for Heithoff & Companie, where he focuses on liaising between clients and the in-house team. His wide and varied experience in the industry formed the basis of his book “Das Bestiarium – 12 1/2 Unternehmenstypen im Kommunikationsdesign”. Maser is an associate professor at the Münster University of Applied Sciences and is active in the BDG – the German association of professional communications designers.  (Photo: Kay Domhardt)

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