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Irma Boom is amongst the most remarkable and original designers of our time. She brings the single mindedness and absolute dedication to her craft – mostly book design – that characterizes all great designers. Anyone who wants to be a great designer needs to be able to match her sense of purpose, her absolute commitment and her creative genius. But she is no elitist. She is a worker who makes things with her hands and by using the tools and techniques of her trade. As she says: ‘My books are all industrially made. What you see is that the book is not simply a book; it’s also an object. That’s what makes it special.’

In addition to her verve as a graphic designer with few contemporary equals, Irma Boom is also a brilliant conference speaker. It is impossible to hear her speak and not want to be a better designer. Any creative practitioner who feels that their career is flagging should be obliged to attend a talk given by Irma Boom.

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