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Fillip Blazek

Filip Blazek

I studied private high school of art in Prague (graphic design;1991-1995) and cultural anthropology at Charles University, Prague (1995-2001; dissertation on “Typography and Czech Society in 20th Century”). I have worked as a graphic designer since 1993; since 1997 as a freelancer; since 2003 in my own studio Designiq. I am a co-author of a book Practical Typography (together with Pavel Kocicka; ComputerPress 2000). I contribute regularly to professional periodicals (Deleatur, Umeni & Remesla, Typografia, Grafika.cz). These days I mainly contribute to TYPO magazine focused on typography and design that I have established in 2003 with a group of young typographers. I also manage website Typo.cz for Czech graphic designers.

I am a member of the planning committee of the ATypI Prague 2004 annual conference.

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